Euclid Waterfront Update: Rocks are in the Water!

The view from the first breakwater of the Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan - Phase II, installed in December 2018.

After weeks of mobilization, clearing the bluff and removing impervious debris from the shoreline, construction of the first breakwater was completed in December for Phase II of the Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan. The breakwater is composed of 1 and 2-ton limestone slabs specially selected from a quarry in Ohio and carefully placed in the water with GPS coordinates. It provides necessary shoreline stabilization and forms the edge of new cobble beach to serve as nearshore wildlife habitat – as well as a place for the public to enjoy. 

This critical milestone in construction represents nearly a decade in planning for lakefront development. Furthermore, the construction of this stone tombolo, other permanent breakwaters as well as temporary shoreline protection and turbidity barriers allow the contractor, Haynes Construction, to continue work in Lake Erie throughout the winter. 

Phase II–West, beginning from the Joseph Farrell Memorial Fishing Pier and stretching east to City-owned property is anticipated to be complete in October 2019 with trail construction beginning in early spring 2019. The City of Euclid continues to engineer and fundraise for future phases. In December 2018, Council authorized the City to hire a fundraising consultant entirely with grant funds from the Cleveland Foundation to ensure the successful completion of Phase II. 

As the weather permits this winter, take a walk or bike down to the Fishing Pier for a front-row seat to watch the exciting construction activity. The City of Euclid’s Facebook page regularly features photographs and other updates and all current construction projects in the City have information pages hosted on the main page of the City of Euclid’s website (click on “Construction Project Updates”).

Allison Lukacsy-Love

Allison Lukacsy-Love is the Community Projects Manager at the City of Euclid. You can reach her at (216) 289-8160 or by email at

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Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 5:14 PM, 01.08.2019