Streamside Tree Planting at Community Christian Church in Euclid

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  • 22 volunteers helped dig holes, plant trees, and add mulch on a cold, wet, muddy morning. Volunteers included Friends of Euclid Creek members, Tree Stewards, Church Members, Cuyahoga SWCD staff, Cleveland State students, and family and friends.

  • Thanks to Pastor Banks for supporting the project. CSWCD staff Justin Husher and Friends of Euclid Creek member Chris Vild were happy to have his help setting out the trees and shrubs.

  • Claire Posius the previous Euclid Creek Watershed Program showed up to help as well as Friends of Euclid Creek and church member Kenyette Adrine-Robinson.

  • Laura Marks is a Tree Steward graduate and was key in helping get trees and shrubs planted for this project.

  • Friends of Euclid Creek members made the best of a rainy day and even had a little fun.

  • Friends of Euclid Creek member and Euclid Shade Tree Commission Vice-Chairperson Deborah Kramarz had a great time planting trees and shrubs despite the mud and rain.

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