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This Mountain was moved as I moved step by step to the top!

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Hi There, as you are plenty aware, 2019 is coming soon! Many of you are glad to see 2018 go and start fresh and some of you are holding on for dear life as you scramble to complete all of the goals you set. 

 As our clocks tick away the seconds, anxiety can paralyze us into not doing anything right under this pressure, thus giving in to feeling like a failure, Good News, the fact that you had a goal to begin with omits you from being a failure whether or not you completed it the way you wanted. The truth is any step you took put you closer and that’s not failure!

Inevitably we will start 2019 ready or not, so, Lets be ready.

As this New Year arrives we tend to think of all the ways we want to change and make this one our best year yet. We think of the habits we will shift, the goals we will achieve and we visualize ourselves as the person we will be. Then fear of change creeps up and stops us from getting where we want to be. Maybe we fear not fitting in anymore, making others feel uncomfortable if we succeed, being ridiculed or not being loved. These are a few reasons we fall off track to success. 

Health Hug:

I want everyone to Claim their health and live life knowing you are ultimately in the driver’s seat to how you take care of yourself.

There is a wonderful shift in our society of people becoming curious about ways to maintain and improve health and wellness through better eating habits. More and more we are becoming aware of the foods that Make us feel better overall and those that make us feel UGGGH!  (Examples: bloated, tired, stomach pain, gassy, irritable)

I am not here to be a drill Sargent or a perpetual lecturer however I will say that I want you to listen to and get curious about how you feel after you eat, this is step one to living healthy.

Our body is a powerful system that relies on what we feed it to function optimally. 

When we feed ourselves right we have a better defense against illness and diseases.

 A food diary is where I start with my clients. We must know honestly foods and drinks taken in daily and how those foods made you feel. If you feel bad after a certain food, its likely not a good food for you. 

Is 2019 the year you will face your fears and reach your dreams?

As A Personal Health Coach and advocate for success I am here to empower you to take back your life from whatever health obstacle that is holding you hostage and preventing you from getting closer to your better life. I will provide the tools and techniques you need to create positive, lasting change so you can feel better in your skin for good, not just for the first 2 weeks of the new year!

“Healthy isn’t a Goal, It’s a way of living. 

If weight loss, increasing energy, eating better, reducing pain, having better skin are part of your Need-to-do list than I have 100 diet theories for you to try! Or we could just make your current diet work for you. 

So, keep a food diary starting now and you will have a jumpstart on feeling great before 2018 runs out.

Note: A food diary is a record of everything you eat or drink. Leave room for a comment to record any feelings or side effects of certain foods. If you feel bad after a food, make a note, see if you have a pattern of  good or bad reactions with certain foods.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about this or any of the comments I have posted.

Feedback is welcome.

Also, just text, call or email to have a complimentary discussion session about your health goals. Easy and fun. 

 For more Inspiration to making heathy habits now to last through the Holidays and your lifetime, call me,  and turn those plans for tomorrow into Done Today.

I provide one on one, group sessions, as well as educational wellness tips and talks for any size groups!

Let’s Move That Mountain!

Natalie-Jo Flynn, RN, MSN, Personal Health Coach

Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie-Jo and I am Personal Health Coach.
A Health Coach is a master of habit change, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.

A Health Coach does not prescribe medicine or take the place of a medical professional, they are the motivators to push the client toward lasting results and lifestyle change using holistic and natural methods.

A Health Coach sets attainable goals for their clients, suggests alternative ways to cope with setbacks, and supports their clients in the unmasking of the true meaning behind behaviors - unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. A Health Coach firmly believes that change cannot occur without accountability and sustained motivation, thus the important role of a Health Coach.

 I've had 22 years in medicine and have taken a new path thats best for me. My mission is to Share my Passion and knowledge, strengths and experiences and connect people with their will to be well. Its easier to stay well that to get well, And I want to help guide and advocate, teach and support our community the best way I know how and thats with My knowledge and passion.

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