Recycle Today for a Better Tommorrow: Holiday Edition

 Keep Euclid Beautiful often gets questions about recycling.  The Do's and Dont's are different in each State and sometimes vary from city to city.  This can make recycling a bit confusing.  In this column, Keep Euclid Beautiful will do our best to answer your recycling questions based on the guidelines for the City of Euclid and the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District.

Dear Keep Euclid Beautiful, Can I recycle wrapping paper?

Yes wrapping paper can be recyled in your Kimble recycle bin, along with the cardboard tube and gift boxes.  Remember to put items in your recycle bin loosely, not in a plastic bag, and to flatten all boxes.   Also consider reusing wrappings to cut down on waste or using unconvential methods of wrapping such as cloth material, newspaper or baskets.  A fun activity for children could be to decorate the boxes with crayons and markers instead of using wrapping paper.  This reduces the amount of waste and creates a more personal touch.

Dear Keep Euclid Beautiful, Can I recycle ribbons and bows?

No, plastic ribbons and bows will tangle and damage machines at local recycling plants.  These items go in your regular trash and will end up in a land fill.  To make a gift package look more festive, consider using cloth ribbon that can be reused and flowers, sprigs of greenery or cookies instead of platic bows.

Dear Keep Euclid Beautiful,  What can I do with my leftover Holiday cards, bows and ribbons?

A fun activity to for all ages to try is "Junk Journaling".  Junk Journals are super fun to make and keep.  You can make them out of anything.  Start with a clean composition notebook that costs less than $1.00.  Then collect, add, glue and write whatever your heart desires.  Use old buckles or ribbons to fasten the journal.  Use cardboard to make pockets to stash secret treasures.  Some things to put in your journal are:  Ticket stubs, holiday cards, magazine photos, playbills, business cards, quotes you like, children's artwork, decorative tape, and absolutely anyhting made from paper that comes your way.  The idea is to have fun and make it your own.

Remember when in doubt, leave it out.

Please forward your recycling questions to 
We will do our best to answer your questions.  Some questions may be featured in our next column.

Linda Beck

Secretary to the Mayor's Office, Chairperson for Keep Euclid Beautiful, Member of Keep Euclid Beautiful Team

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Volume 9, Issue 12, Posted 1:10 PM, 12.07.2018