Whiting-Turner Trims Tungsten Park

It seems whenever you go by the old Euclid Square Mall progress is being made. Whiting-Turner, the Project Management Company overseeing the construction of the Amazon Distribution Center has made sure work is on schedule and everything is running smoothly at the site. Earlier this year, Matthew White, Senior Project Manager at Whiting-Tuner sat down with Mayor Holzheimer Gail and City staff proposing other contributions WT could make while working at Amazon. Matt shared that when WT begins a project in a new city they seek to give back to the community they are working in and participate in their own "Community Service Day".

Tungsten Park, just down the street from the Amazon project, was a perfect fit for WT staff to make an impact. The rising distribution center is actually visible from the playground. Friday, October 5th was a sunny morning and perfect opportunity to remove brush and trim low-hanging tree branches that were hanging over the fence line. Along with staff from the City of Euclid Service Department, Whiting-Turner sent out crews in 3 shifts to assist with chipping and clean-up.

Just as the construction at Amazon has been moving quickly, by the end of the work day Tungsten Park was vibrant with the removal of the untamed brush. Many thanks to Matt White and all those at Whiting-Turner who made this cleanup possible. Their interest and enthusiasm for Euclid is inspiring and a true testament to their business. A special thanks to Service Department Arborist Andre Trapp and staff for their guidance and assistance on this community project.

Mary Mastalski

Community Development Manager at the City of Euclid and lifelong resident.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 12:01 PM, 11.04.2018