Head Injury: A Support Group

Have you been in a coma?

Have you had an aneurism?
Have you hit your head and blacked out—even for just a moment?
Have you been diagnosed with a brain injury?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you may be interested to know that right here in Euclid there is a support group for you! Most people aren't aware that members of the Brain Injury Support Group gather at the Euclid Hospital for their meeting each month.

The meeting is open to anyone who has had a brain injury AND/OR their caregivers. We meet the second Tuesday each month at 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm. From 6:45 to bout 7:00, we start with a pot luck: each member brings a dish to share. People who attend have different issues as a result of this injury, including memory impairment, difficulty concentrating, reduced reading comprehension, various physical disabilities (speech, arm/hand, walking, etc.), and others. We are also at various points in our lives: we are different ages, married, single, employed, unemployed, have children, live alone, etc...

We are a peer-to-peer support group, open and friendly, and a good resource for those of you who want information or want to know where to look for it. You will learn of other groups, meetings, conferences, and social events that deal with brain injury. Even if you just want fellowship with others who will understand what you are going through, you can find that here. Because no two brain-injured people have the same experience, we all bring something different to the group; you will certainly find some benefit here!

During part of the meeting, caregivers will separate from the survivors and each group will discuss issues unique to their group.

I personally found this group through the Brain Injury Association of Ohio Web site (www.biaoh.org) when my doctor retired and I was looking for a new doctor and facility for my brain injury. Not only did I manage to find a new place to go for medical support, I've made some friends. You can't beat that!

What: The Brain Injury Support Group
Where: Euclid Hospital, Lake Erie Room (E. 185th St. and Lakeshore Blvd.)
When: 6:45 pm, the second Tuesday of each month (next meeting is November 13)
Who: Anyone with a brain injury and/or their caregivers
For more information: 216-738-1806

Laura Becker

I am a Technical Writer/Editor at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH.

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