Anita Rajic Retires after 30 Years with the City

Anita Rajic, 30 Year City of Euclid Employee

Anita’s journey started with Euclid City Hall on October 1, 1988 as Parks Department Secretary. It was obvious from the beginning, that Anita was a huge asset to the department.  She had glowing reviews from her supervisors – some accolades include “her being a very effective team member, she makes reports and record keeping a priority. In her absence, records & files are easily located and understood.  She keeps her supervisor apprised of upcoming meetings and activities”.  “Visitors to the Clubhouse are treated well by Anita, telephone contacts for Clubhouse, Cemetery, tree maintenance and planting are handled with consistency and good judgment”.  A quote from Tom Springer, former Super-intendent of Parks and Forestry, “In hiring Anita, they got an employee with ability and personality that works well with others.”  One job review noted, “Her hectic personal life does not interfere with work performance”.  Anita juggled the demands of being Mom to Jessica, just 9 months old, and son, John, 7, and her responsibilities with the City Parks Department very efficiently. During some big summer storms in the 1990s, Anita couldn’t make it in to work because her street was blocked with fallen trees, the Parks guys came and cleaned her street to make sure she could come to work! 

No one could have accused Anita of having a “cushy government job” back then, her workspace for a time was in a shed.  With no available restroom, had to get in her car and drive to clubhouse, which we are sure wasn’t fun in the winter!  Working in the Parks department was never dull, with the antics of the guys in the department, practical jokes and the like.  We could well imagine Anita felt like a den mother at times!  Her hard work and dedication have helped fulfill important obligations to our city and the community. It was no wonder with such an excellent employment record that Carol Keller hired her in the IT Department as a Data Entry Clerk in October 2002.  Anita then moved to the current position of Payroll Accounting Specialist in March of 2004.  

 Anita wasn’t just a city employee; she has made Euclid her home since 1977.  Public service is an honorable calling.  She volunteered her time and talents on Euclid Shade Tree Commission, serving as Shade Tree Commission secretary, and has always been a big supporter of the Annual Pond and Garden Tours.  She is an active member of her local Beach Club, and a great neighbor.  She was a member of St. Roberts Church, where her children attended school.  Anita is fiercely committed to her causes.  She was very involved in bringing about the reopening of her beloved St. Casimir Church in the Cleveland neighborhood she grew up in.  One of Anita’s most enjoyable hobbies is the time she spends with the St. Casimir Alumni Association.  First and foremost, though, is Anita’s family-- her children, her siblings, and her nieces and nephews.  Anita is always there with a helping hand, a ride somewhere, or a pan of her ‘special potatoes’.  Even though they have grown to a pretty large group, they make it a priority to celebrate birthdays and most holidays together.   

As for the City of Euclid Finance Department, she has enriched us with her hard work, sharp wit, and calming patience.  Most especially this past year, with the switch to a different payroll system.  It definitely made her last year a bit more interesting! We will miss Anita’s humor, dependability, and level-headed opinions, not to mention our Cavs and Browns chats.  At least we had our amazing 2016 Cavalier Championship win, no matter what comes next!    

So, here’s to Anita’s retirement, to relaxation, to working in the yard, or not, to getting your house organized, or not, to going to Browns games and not worrying about going to work the next day, or to doing whatever your heart desires.  You’ve earned it!   We thank you for all of the many lives you’ve touch on your journey with the City of Euclid, Ohio. We wish you happiness and good health in the years ahead.

Anne Delehanty

City of Euclid employee, member of City of Euclid Shade Tree Commission.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 12:01 PM, 11.04.2018