2019 Medicare Costs

The new Medicare rates have been released! Typically these rates are not disclosed until the end or after the annual enrollment period.

The standard rate for enrolling in Part B is $135.50, an increase of $1.50 over the rate charged the past two years.  In accordance with this small increase, is the deductible for your Part B from the current $183 to $185 in 2019.

Part A deductible and copay is changing as well.  The deductible for hospital admission which is currently $1340 will rise to $1364 in January.  The copay for skilled nursing which applies during inpatient rehab stays which exceed 20 days will increase from $167.50 to $170.50 a day  through 100 days. As always, stays that are longer than 100 days are your responsibility or that of your long term care provider.

Medicare is covering genetic testing for qualifying medicare subscribers who have survived cancer or who have a family history of 2 or more cancers, excluding lung. If you are a candidate, there is a lab in Georgia who is offering the test independent of your medical provider.  This anonymity ensures the results come to you.

Genetic testing looks for anomalies in your cells which don’t guarantee cancer diagnosis but implies an increased propensity for abnormal growths. It’s a simple cheek swab. In the past, securing these  tests threatened labels of preexisting conditions for you and your children by discriminating options available for insurance. You are the recipient of the testing and can share where you deem appropriate.

Knowledge of the abnormal cells can instigate testing before symptoms are obvious, thereby offering more treatment options. Sharing the information with your children will avoid the earlier negative impact afforded. For more information, to participate in testing or for further qualification call 440-223-5437 or email calveyg@gmail.com.

ginny calvey

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 12:01 PM, 11.04.2018