What fuel are putting in your tank?



 Fall Harvest is HERE, and our local markets have great colorful fall fresh produce. 

Fresh and colorful veggies and fruits gives your body a variety of vitamins and minerals and fuel to get you thru the weather change with a fighting chance against getting sick.

SPEAKING OF FUEL, this month’s Health Hugs intend to get you in gear for Daily and Holiday Travels. 

When you are on the road and fueling up your Gas Tank, you make sure you use the right gas and fluids for your engine of your car. Right?

That is the same concept we need to take when putting foods which are our fuel, into our mouths.

We do not have to fall for the luring by pretty, cartoony packaging of unhealthy fattening, sugary and chemically infused items that are placed strategically by the checkout at the Food Marts.

The key to sticking with your goal of healthy eating even when on the road is simply, 


Choosing the best available of what is offered in the Gas station Food marts, this can be done at parties and restaurants too. 

 Top 10 Convenience Store Snacks

Desperate times call for desperate measures! We've all been there - starving & nothing around for miles except a gas station with a Quickly Mart. Here are some options when you’re in a pinch.

1.Water. Most people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. If you know there are better options ahead, chug a bottle of water to hold off those hunger pains 

2.Nuts. A small serving of nuts will give you a serving of good-quality protein and fat. Look for dry roasted varieties. 

3.Fruit. Most convenience stores sell single pieces of fruit, like oranges, apples and bananas. Combine with a small bag of nuts you're on your way to a healthy snack! 

4.Potato Chips. Yes, I did say chips but you must read the ingredients and make sure they have no hydrogenated oils, MSG or artificial ingredients. Ideally, chips are organic or non-GMO, but if you can’t find those then stick to brands with ingredient lists of potatoes, oil and salt. Avoid corn chips as they are likely to contain GMOs. 

5. Yogurt. Look for full-fat organic if possible. If not, just make sure the one you choose does not contain any artificial sweeteners. 

6. Dark Chocolate. Look for brands that list cacaoas the first ingredient (instead of sugar). 

7. Hard Boiled Eggs. Packed with protein, these little guys will keep your blood sugar stable and your tummy satisfied. Check labels to make sure the only ingredient is egg. 

8. Peanut Butter Sandwich. When all else fails, this grade school lunch staple will keep your blood sugar – and energy – rollin’. 

9. Energy Bars. Avoid brands with soy protein isolate and look for brands that contain over 10 grams of whey protein, hemp protein or pea protein. 

10. Healthy Caffeine. Look for unsweetened iced tea from the fountain. Add lots of ice and a lemon. Avoid bottled, sweetened iced teas as they contain extra sugar and chemicals. 

 If you have been waiting for the right moment, or the stars to align to start your Journey to a healthy mind and body… NOW IS YOUR TIME to take charge and show up for yourself in health and life

As a personal Health Coach, I offer a one-hour discovery session by phone or video chat. A no pressure or commitment opportunity to explore where you need recognition and support. In this session you will: 

-Discover what’s stopping you, slowing you down and keeping you from having the body or a life change you want.

-Identify which foods and lifestyle habits you currently have that maybe bringing you down 

-Develop a step-by-step plan to create a total body and lifestyle transformation.

My clients are guided through being stuck and feeling let down from not following thru on their goals to health and wellness.

I have found in my 22 years as a nurse and practitioner, Most doctors, dietitians and other healthcare professionals do not have the time or tools to help people stay inspired to follow to get lasting results for what is expected for their health. 

People default to the old “comfortable” habits that in general are contributing to poor health.
As a Personal Health Coach I provide the right system, support, and accountability so simple actions can result in big accomplishments.

For more Inspiration to making heathy Habits now to last through the Holidays and your lifetime, get ahold of a Personal Health Coach, such as myself and turn those plans for tomorrow into Done Today.

I provide one on one, group sessions, as well as educational wellness tips and talks for any size groups!

Let’s Move That Mountain!

Natalie-Jo Flynn, RN, MSN, Personal Health Coach


Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie and I am a Personal Health Coach. I've had 22 years in medicine and have stepped onto a new path that is best for me and the people I will serve.

My mission is to Share my Passion, knowledge, strengths and experiences to connect people with their desire to be well. Its easier to stay well that to get well, And I want to help guide and advocate, teach and support our community the best way I know how and thats with My knowledge and passion.

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