Leaf Collection

As leaves start to turn and fall it’s time to talk leaf collection. Let’s cover some of the specifics and let you know how to track what neighborhoods crews are in on any given collection day. As the leaves start falling in volume collection will begin. This start date can vary from early to later October depending on the weather. Once started crews will continue collection until December 7th. This date may need to be adjusted depending on how quickly the trees shed the leaves. There will be advanced notice if the collection date needs to be pushed out further due to the leaves falling late. The City website will have the most up to date information on the current location of the crews and any changes to the end date.

 Crews do not pick up grass clippings, brush, tires, pumpkins, dead plant material, flower pots or scrap metal. Any piles found containing any of the listed items or trash will be left for disposal by the resident. The compost facility monitors each load brought in and any load containing foreign matter will be refused. Leaves should be piled on the tree lawn and out of the street to prevent them from blocking water flow to catch basins which will cause street flooding. Vehicles parked in the street can prevent the equipment from being able to collect the leaves. If possible please move your vehicle when you see the crew on your street for collection. Use caution when driving down streets where crews are working as there will be workers moving around the collection vehicle. Leaves can also be placed in your trash containers for pickup by Kimble on your assigned trash day.

A question that is asked every year is what happens to the leaves that are picked up? The City pays a fee for all leaves collected during the season. These leaves are composted at a facility in Wickliffe which uses the composted leaves in mulch that it produces.

Last year’s leaf collection total was 944 loads equaling 14,160 cubic yards. The City staff works hard to safely and efficiently collect the leaves in a timely manner with available equipment and personnel. Please help us by following all guidelines for leaf collection.

Daniel Knecht

I'm the Director of Public Service for the City of Euclid. I'm a resident of Euclid and have been employed by the City for 12 years.

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Volume 9, Issue 10, Posted 7:56 AM, 10.14.2018