A sunset watch party

The guitarist strumming away.


If you have ever had the pleasure to sit on the lake and watch the sunset you know what a beautiful sight that is. Now imagine that beautiful sight being shared with a group of beautiful people that want to make sure everyone know what a beautiful city we live in. The Shade tree commission is made up of a group of volunteers that work together to ensure that we as a city are planting enough trees, educating residents, preparing for Arbor Day and planning the annual event that brings hundreds of visitors from all over Northeast Ohio. The garden hosts open their homes for all to come and view the hidden treasures that they have created right here in our own back yard. They do not get a portion of ticket sales, they do not get assistance for their gardens, they do it simply for the love of the city. As a Councilwoman I am so glad that I can volunteer with this group. I have learned so much from the gardeners and even more from the commissioners. What I have learned most is, not everything is done for pay, or an agenda, some things are simply done for the love of the city.

This past Sunday members of Euclid's Shade tree commission and Pond and Garden tour hosts got together for a "Sunset Watch Party". Greg Lawrence and Chair Commissioner Brenda Hall thought that this community of creative gardeners and horticultural artist needed an opportunity to come together on an occasion that didn’t involve the hustle and bustle of preparing a garden for show, or the formal appreciation dinner that takes place at the end of each tour season. But a time of laughter, fellowship and connections being made that will last a lifetime. This was a time for this dynamically diverse group of Euclidians to come together on a cool Autumn day to enjoy the simplicity of the Sunset. Greg Lawrence the owner of the Lakeshore Coffee house, who happens to be the number one ticket seller for the Pond and Garden tour was the gracious host for this wonderful event. He cooked burgers and dogs on the grill, had a fire in the firepit and there was even an acoustic guitar player strumming away as we laughed and talked. He may have the most beautiful view of the sunset I have had the pleasure to see, or it could have just been his warm spirit and generous hospitality that made it extra special. The sun gazers brought homemade apple cake and other tasty treats to share. The laughter was so infectious that it brought out a couple of neighbors to the party. This year’s tour brought newcomers such as Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Tanner, Ms. Constance Sealey and returning hostess Jeanie Rowe. The party was full of past and current hosts. All I can say is the watch part was a huge success and I’m looking forward to what will come from this special group in the future.

Ward 3 Councilwoman/Shade Tree Commissioner

Taneika Hill

Taneika Hill

I am the current Councilwoman for Ward 3 here in the city of Euclid. I am also a licensed minister at Imani Church which is located at 1505 E 260th St. I have lived in the city for 8 years now but i have worshiped and or worked in this city for almost 30 yrs. I love and believe in the city and I am glad to not only be a part of it, but serve in the capacity that I do.

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Volume 9, Issue 10, Posted 7:56 AM, 10.14.2018