Handy Homeowners Acquire New Skills

The third and fourth installments of 2018 Home Repair Resource Center Euclid Workshops took place at the Senior Center last month. Window Replacement and Tuckpointing were the topics homeowners from Euclid and throughout northeast Ohio were invited to learn about and practice. Residents were able to watch instructors and try their own hand at replacing window screens and glass window panes. This workshop served beneficial for many owners of older homes throughout the region. Rather than hiring someone to repair or replace large older windows, residents learn how to do it themselves, which is more cost effective. Participants picked up on this trade quickly and were able to repair multiple window screens!

The following week's class covered tuckpointing and offered a hands-on outdoor experience replacing mortar in brick walls. Many residents found they were able to complete this task more easily than anticipated, proving they can make improvements to their front steps, interior exposed brick and more all on their own. The City of Euclid partnered with the Home Repair Resource Center not only to bring workshops to Euclid, but to allow residents access to their tool library and classes at the Center's Cleveland Heights location. For more information on the tool library and upcoming workshops, check out https://hrrc-ch.org/

Mary Mastalski

Community Development Manager at the City of Euclid and lifelong resident.

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Volume 9, Issue 9, Posted 12:13 PM, 09.07.2018