Y.O.U. Group Enhances Euclid

Y.O.U. participants hard at work on a Euclid home.

Over the past 5 weeks, the City of Euclid has been fortunate to have 9 participants from Youth Opportunities Unlimited working as a municipal beautification team. In addition to removing litter, overgrown shrubbery and debris from city properties, the employees have completed a project mulching all of the planters along E. 200th Street. This hard work has not gone unnoticed. Sherrie Zagorc, Chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll states: "Youth on the street doing such a positive thing mulching our planters - the youth see how important the street is to the many travelers, the businesses see what a difference a little mulch can do to make our street so beautiful,  the drivers see that our youth can do positive work for our community and that we care about E. 200th Street, and finally, I hope that the youth know how much we appreciate their work and will continue to take pride in the appearance of E. 200th Street and the rest of the City. " This seems to be true, as one staff member, Leiona Bussey shared, "We worked hard and could see the difference around the City." Multiple drivers honked their horns or stopped to thank the staff for their work over the few days spent along the street.

While some of the work can be tedious, a little goes a long way in Euclid. By paying attention to some of the sites we may take for granted, the City in turn appeals to residents and visitors alike.  The Y.O.U. group also spent many hours preparing city property for the Waterfront Project, making sure contracters will have a clear path once construction begins. Sawing branches, trimming trees and using wheelbarrows to move excessive amounts of dirt all made for a "good workout" according to Terez Smith, another Y.O.U. participant. The group worked diligently removing weeds, brush and trash to relative city dump sites. While staff gave back to the community as a whole, they additionally were able to provide assistance to a wheelchair bound Euclid resident. This homeowner had recently received a wheelchair ramp through the City's Special Projects Division, but was having a hard time maintaining his yard. Y.O.U. spent the day cleaning his property and preparing his home to be painted, also through City programming. This task had a lasting impact on the homeowner and was a meaningful showing of community service by our Y.O.U. employees.

These 9 individuals spent the majority of their summer giving back to the City they call home. Shakeirra Sanders stated: "I've enjoyed the program and would recommend it to other young people." The skills developed over the course of the program can be put to use in future schooling, careers or everyday life. Many thanks to our Y.O.U. group this summer, and well done! 

Mary Mastalski

Community Development Manager at the City of Euclid and lifelong resident.

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Volume 9, Issue 8, Posted 9:04 AM, 08.04.2018