Out in the Neighborhood

Now that the snow has melted, I think everyone is looking forward to getting out of the house.  I am no exception. One of my first significant outdoor activities this Spring was participating in the Big Clean on April 21st.

Our team of six volunteers cleaned up the hill behind the McDonald’s on Euclid Avenue and along Euclid Avenue between East 222nd and Beverly Hills.  We made a big dent filling up 10+ garbage bags and finding a few items too large for bags.  As exciting as it was to see all the volunteers from Euclid and Collinwood coming out for the Big Clean, I can’t help thinking how sad it is that people think it is okay to throw trash anywhere, but a garbage can.  As I write this article on Earth Day, I am reminded that we are stewards of this beautiful planet that we live on and with the privilege of living here comes the responsibility to care for it. I encourage anyone that goes out walking on a regular basis to take a trash bag along with them to pick up any trash they may see blowing around the neighborhood.

It was so encouraging to see all the volunteers come out to help clean up the city.  They were very enthusiastic as they gathered at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School to get their supplies and they were full of pride over what they accomplished when they came back to find out who won and share a meal.  Euclid won the competition but both communities were victorious when you consider that more than 300 bags of garbage were collected! My wife, Martina, and I were proud to be part of this event and are so appreciative to live in a city that values and organizes this type of civic engagement.  

For my part, I am going to try to take regular walks on Euclid Avenue between East 222nd and Beverly Hills to pick up trash.   I have also started deliberately driving the Ward and taking notes about properties that need attention.  I am committed to making sure that our yards are kept up and that our housing stock is repaired as necessary.  

Although decent, responsible landlords are welcome, and I will be helpful to them in any way I can, for the sake of the homeowners in Euclid irresponsible, absentee landlords that collect rent while letting their property deteriorate or let their tenants neglect their responsibility to care for their property will not be tolerated.  

I encourage you to contact me or the Housing Department if there is a problem property in your area.  The city of Euclid has a variety of programs to help homeowners that might need some assistance. Please know that I am very sensitive to the needs of our older homeowners in Ward 2.  Let me know if you are an elderly homeowner or live near an older resident that may need help with their property. In a healthy community we should hold each other accountable and support each other whenever possible.  

I am also planning to get out on my bicycle and participate in the Bike the Ward project that Bike Euclid is organizing.  As soon as the event is scheduled, I will be happy to share the date.

There are lots of great events planned in Euclid over the summer, most of which have free admission.  These events include the Memorial Day Parade, the 200th Street Stroll, many concerts and the Euclid Wind Festival which will take place on June 16, 2018 from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Simms Park.

I hope to see you around town!

Brian Moore

Vice President of Moore Counseling and Mediation Services, Inc., Councilman for Euclid Ward 2 and Associate Minister at Lake Shore Christian Church.

Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 4:48 PM, 05.10.2018