Film School is cool

This picture was the first one I landed on for this article. Andrea King stayed with her grandma in Cleveland for a while 

Hello, hello, helloooooo! 

Coming to you live from Los Angeles, California. Today I finally checked this email and was reminded to send in an article for the Euclid Observor. It is becoming surreal now, due to being in The Los Angeles  Film School. Never dreamed of being in film school, and here I am. No matter what the future holds for us, we can't forget where we came from, and that is the main reason for me writing this short paragraphs for a free newspaper that prints once a month in Euclid, Ohio where I began writing for a newspaper. Well that's all I have. KOCHAM cie, Jonah Kenney 

Jonah Kenney

Hello My name is Jonah I am a veteran of the US Army.

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Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 4:48 PM, 05.10.2018