Euclid Council Goals

In January, 2018 the new City Council, in an effort to be proactive, made the decision to establish goals for itself that the entire council would focus on over the next 24 months.  All Council members agreed to participate in moving the prioritized goals forward.  We each listed projects, ideas and issues that we felt needed full council support to succeed.  Everyone understood there would still be room for specific projects to be championed by specific Councilpersons when they felt the project or issue was important to them specifically.

During the first quarter of 2018, we compiled a lengthy list of projects/goals that could use Council’s attention.  All members of Council reviewed the original lists of goals submitted by their colleagues.  The original list was then categorized into groupings as much as possible so we could look at similarities and the number of times an idea was presented by different council members.

Following the first review, council members held a lengthy work session to prioritize the categories of goals, and to also list some specific objectives associated with a given goal.  In many cases the group established timeframes to be associated with a goal to provide us with some component of accountability. 

Following a very productive work session, different council members were asked to take specific categories agreed upon and provide further clarity and substantiating language to the goals.  Council members wrote, reviewed and revised several drafts before the final document was approved by all council members.  At the March 19th 2018 City Council meeting, council presented and unanimously approved its goals for the next 24 months.  The Categories formulated were:

  • Review of Tax Structures/Potential Revenue Enhancement – this goal is currently being discussed in the Executive & Finance Committee as part of a long range plan to remain fiscally sound.
  • Master Plan Implementation – there are five goals within this category that will be followed up on in the Commercial Development Committee.
  • Safety – goals include resident/police relationship opportunities, training, and ways to support the police force in its mission.
  • City Assets – Goals specified were operational, strategic and capital plans for the Shore Cultural Centre and for Briardale Golf Course.  The Assets committee has already begun that work.
  • Marketing – goals include capitalizing on new business opportunities and strengthening real estate broker ties to the city.
  • Neighborhood Initiatives/Revitalization – goals include formation of a new Community Development Corporation (CDC), to focus on limited redevelopments and community image.
  • Housing/Building Processes, P&Z Code Review - goals include ensuring code consistency, enforcement and revisions of codes that are outdated/obsolete.  The Housing & Building Committee is already at work on these issues.
  • Green Infrastructure – focus is on future opportunities for better alternatives both for the City and for private property owners to consider.
  • Review of City Ordinances – the goal is to ensure our city ordinances are in current compliance with state statute and that they have relevance in today’s community.
  • Other – this category holds some goals that do not fit nicely into the other categories, but were felt to be important enough to list. i.e.  Continuing to monitor the city’s healthcare costs to assure we can legitimately afford appropriate coverage as the environment changes.

All goals listed by City Council require the cooperation and collaboration of the City Department Directors and staff, and support of the Mayor.  In discussing these goals with the Mayor, it is clear we are all focused on moving the city forward.

I am most proud to be working with a council that has demonstrated the talent, ability and commitment to bring this project forward in concert with the City administration. The goals are a roadmap for us to follow as the legislative branch and the administrative branch work toward common objectives.  I am optimistic that this is the time for progress, collaboration and joint support for moving the city forward in a very positive manner, and that is a very promising strategy for each of us as residents of Euclid.

The 2018-2019 City Council Goals in their entirety can be found on the City of Euclid website,

Once on the website, go to ‘City Departments’, click on ‘City Council’, and then find highlighted ‘City Council Goals for 2018-2019’.

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Volume 9, Issue 5, Posted 4:48 PM, 05.10.2018