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I was sitting on a bench by the lake taking a brief respite from work, when a handsome looking bird perched atop a bush about 20 feet in front of me.  He had glossy black feathers and a brilliantly contrasting orange oval on his wing, with a small bright yellow edge surrounding the orange.  His song was beautiful, calming.  I smiled, and my first reaction was to reach for my phone to snap a photo. 

As if sensing the moment, he flew to a tall branch on another bush and was hidden behind some leaves.  His song continued.  I waited, phone ready.  A moment later he flew high onto the tree above me.  Again, no chance for a good picture.  He sang some more.  And then, the thought struck me.  Here I was trying my best to preserve the moment, and all I was really doing was missing it.

Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t supposed to hold-on to the moments of life.  We know from experience that they are fleeting.  Maybe, it’s wisest to simply be present and appreciate life as it is happening.

All I know is that I was in the midst of seeking the beauty of nature, and I missed a good portion of it by trying to capture it for later.

Daily, you are invited to experience life.  Yes, there are ups and downs, twists and turns, good times and bad.  But, none of it – none of it – lasts forever.  Trying to hold onto a moment is like trying to grab a handful of air.  The moment is not meant to be kept, it’s meant to be lived.  You may make of it whatever you choose. 

Today, I am reminding you to be present in your moments.  Don’t let them slip by unnoticed.  Slow down a bit, breath in deeply, look at all that is around you, taste the food, listen to the birds, connect with others.  Do whatever you are doing.  Be present.  Live deeply.

The point is that each and every moment is precious and unique, just like you. 

Bob Payne, Manager

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Bob Payne


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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 4:48 PM, 05.10.2018