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In a typical day I get to speak with many different people, and it is interesting to see what occupies their mind and where their attention is focused. 

One man, on chemo for the second time, comes in and always has a smiling hello for everyone he sees.  When I ask how he is doing, he says, “I am alive, and that’s enough.  Why complain?”

There’s a lady who has barely enough to get by.  She also struggles with multiple health issues, yet she is kind and pleasant to everyone.  Though she has very little, she won’t take any of the food we distribute without first ensuring that everyone else has gotten something.  “There are so many others who have more of a need,” she insists.

And then there’s a person who seems to be quite well off, living a comfortable lifestyle.  When I ask how they doing, they answer with grumbling about some unfairness in life.  They always seem to be unhappy and complaining.  This person comes across as self-centered and never satisfied.

I understand that there are reasons why people think and act the way they do.  But regardless of your family of origin, your situation growing-up, or your experiences throughout life, you are responsible for how you interact with others.  A little kindness goes a long way.

Remember, you are so much more than your aches and pains, more than your limitations, and even more than your cancer.  You are more than where you live, what you drive, and how you dress.  You are more than any damned problems that you may have.

Please don’t waste your time with negative thinking.  Understand that you are valuable, and you have the chance to do something positive this very day.  You don’t need to be perfect (nobody is).  You don’t need to do something great (just do your part).  You don’t need to wait until everything lines-up just right (newsflash – reality will never agree with how you think it should be.  That shouldn’t stop you from treating others with respect and showing some compassion).    

Be mindful of how you interact with others, and what you spend your time thinking  about.  Your time and attention are your treasures.  How are you spending them?    

Bob Payne, Manager

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Volume 9, Issue 9, Posted 4:48 PM, 05.10.2018