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I have a challenge for you.

This may sound easy, but I guarantee it’s not. You may believe that you can do it, but I bet that you can’t. Okay, here’s the challenge.

Go one day without complaining.

Easy, right? Well, consider yourself challenged. It means no complaining about others; inconsiderate drivers, people at the store, co-workers, family, etc. It means no whining in your head about situations, other people’s reactions, and the state of national or neigh- borhood affairs. It also means not criticizing yourself for something you just did that you view as stupid, ridiculous, or dumb. I bet you can’t do it for long, but please do try!

It seems that we all have thoughts and ideas about how people should act and how things should be. There is something within us that is drawn to seeing with a critical, even nit-picking, eye. It may come from the way we were raised, maybe it’s the belief that we know better than others, or perhaps it’s just our particular point of view, but we can’t help but judge and compare…..everything.

If you really think about it, there are many, many things in life that do not require your input, your comments, or even your thoughts. What complaining often shows is the ina- bility to accept reality as it is. You want things to be different. You want control. Here’s an important truth. Not everything in life is a problem to be solved. Most of the time you are left with either accepting the situation, or leaving it alone. If you can’t change it, why complain about it? If you can change it, then step-up and be a problem solver.

There’s already more than enough complainers to go around.

Please understand that you can’t expect to have a positive life when your thoughts and words are all negative. Besides, it seems to me that the more complaining you do, the more you’ll find to complain about.

So today, consider yourself challenged to not complain. When you mess-up (and you will), gently redirect yourself and try again. With practice, this simple adjustment can make a tremendous difference in your experience of life.

One final thought. Please remember that the times you are complaining about now, may well be what you someday refer to as the good old days.

Bob Payne, Manager

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