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March 12, 2018

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Press release

Shore Cultural Centre Auditorium

291 East 222nd St. Euclid OH 44123

April 21, 2018 7:30 PM


A concert of  transformative energy launching DANCEVERT  into a celebration of art  and education. 

The program features the  collaboration of 15 local and international artists  and a student ensemble that has embraced  transformation  through a process of fusion and integration both  artistically and educationally.  We witness emotion and the uplifting surrender to unity in the dramatic world premiere “NINE”, the “wow” of  the sensual and powerful fusion of high flying gymnasts and dance, the deep and enjoyable learning power of the arts in science and math education. Also two company favorites “The President” and “Opus Pilates”

Dancevert was founded in Euclid and housed at Shore Cultural Centre in 1986, It was the workplace of the creation of a large body of choreographic works the component’s fourth decade we are offering a program that is reflective and forward reaching.  Entering our fourth decade we are offering a showcase of works that are transformative to the participants, the viewers and our organization. The program has seemingly emerged though it’s own energy of artist’s, athletes and the educational system to come together to grow our cultural community through this collaborative undertaking. 

The program includes:


 “Nine”: “Witness of Emotion” World premiere. 9 Emotions and nine collaborators.  The number 9 is a symbol of fullness, the largest single digit number. The work expresses cooperation and tolerance as an equation to peace. Artists of diverse cultural origins and technical training  have joined forces to embrace each other and their artistic visions to create and perform together their artistic offering. 

 Tom Evert has served as the artistic director and the work was created through  the collaborative choreographic participation of 7 dance artists, 1 scenic artist,  and the unity of spirit to  create a work of peace. That’s nine.

Cast performers and collaborators:  Tom Evert (USA) Susana Weingarten Evert (Mexico),  Sanjib Bhattacharya (India) Nandini Mandal (India) ,  Antara Datta (India), Megan Haas(USA), Joan Greenwood ( Jamaica) Rafael Valdivieso ( Ecuador) 

“Vibration”   Features a team of 5 gymnastic coaches “The Gym Art Group” of Lakeshore Gymnastics,  They are accomplished adult athletes who have been working in the  transformative process of uniting their physical power with the artistic and expressive qualities of dance to present the program’s second world premiere. The cast Includes: Artem Astafev, Bob Carlson,  Italo Gonzalez, Kellie Jones, and Olivia Trout.

“Forces in Motion” features an ensemble of 12 fourth graders from Arbor Elementary School in Euclid. DANCEVERT has a formidable history of designing and presenting arts integrated instruction in the schools through lessons which involve deep learning in science and math as well as the academic content standards in dance. Mr. Evert has created a dance work which brings the study of physical science to life through a creative and artistic process.  The short work presents the technical disciplines of movement and presents dances about states of matter and forms of energy.  

“Opus Pilates” An Artful Exercise performed By Hope Schultz and Molly Andrews Hinders. Mr. The Pilates  exercise method created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s improves alignment, precision, flexibility and core strength. The training has served in increasing dancer and athlete performance and injury recovery.  This  poetic work savors the geometric forms of the exercises. 

“We are Geometry in Motion”
Meghan Haas and Tom Evert performing an artistic rendering of the principles of Geometry. Bony skeletons (lines and angles) loom in the shadows and are enlightened to revel the physical truths of creation and how we measure them. 

“The President” (1886) As the first dance Mr. Evert choreographed for his dance company it may  also be his most popular. Honoring DANCEVERT’s launch into a new phase of development, this work offers a fresh interpretation through the special guest appearance  of Brian Murphy. This archetypal character dance revels in the trials and tribulations of the Chief of State. 

Company Description

DANCEVERT was founded as The Tom Evert Dance Company, a 501(c) 3 corporation in 1986 in Cleveland, OH under the leadership of acclaimed dance artists Tom Evert (former member of New York's Paul Taylor Dance Company) and Susana Weingarten (former member of Ballet Independiente de Mexico). The company has performed for audiences throughout the world to critical praise and is well known for its significant leadership throughout the state of Ohio and beyond with arts-integrated education through residencies in schools and communities

DANCEVERT is entering its 32nd year of dedication to the art of dance and it’s transformative power through the creation of original works and educational programming.  In it’s beginnings (1986) the  company presented a cast  full-time dancers and award-winning choreography and in recent years has invested in  the development of arts educational programming, collaborative projects and community enrichment. This transformation is supported with a new vitality in the  Board of Directors, the development of funding sources and the establishment of processes to duplicate and market effective math and science lessons taught with dance.


The Company wishes to acknowledge  Shore Cultural Centre  and Sally D’Angelo of Lakeshore Gymnastics for the the generous support of rehearsal space and resources to create these new works. 

Dancevert is grateful for the valuable support of our funders.  


The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

DANCEVERT Presenting a celebration of

Tom Evert

Artistic Director: Tom Evert, choreographer, dancer, founder, Experience ( certified by the Kennedy Center in Washington DC), Arts in Education.

PLEASE Look up Tom Evert under Tom Evert Dance Company.

Mr. Evert danced in New York City with the renowed Dance Company "The Paul Taylor Dance Company" for ten years, moved back to his home-town with wife/dancer/partner Susana Weingarten and founded The Tom Evert Dance Company. Toured Nationally and Internationally winning various awards and honours. 

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