Act Two: Courting Creativity

Pat displays some of her fabulous teas.

Act Two: Courting Creativity

The following women all have something in common: Software Developer, Bookseller, Elementary School Teacher, Retail Buyer, and Administrator.

These women have thrown their energies into new creative pursuits and second careers. For some that choice was a desire to learn new skills and be challenged in new ways. For others, it was a desire to turn a passion into a business or to share their healthy products with a wider audience.

Kate, a former software developer and computer consultant, is the creative power behind Mulligan Stew Jewelry which has been featured in galleries and boutiques across Ohio. Her intricate creations showcase her attention to detail. Many of her components are created by Kate herself using a variety of techniques such as metal etching. Kate said: “During my career I created unique computer software for business. Now I create unique fashion jewelry for women.”

Susan brought her love of art into her elementary school classroom every day. As the owner of SOHI River Arts LLC, Susan now puts her creative energies to work making one-of-a-kind, electrified stained glass lanterns. Her love of color and attention to line are highlights of her creations. Combining beauty, functionality, and purpose, her lanterns can be placed almost anywhere within the home to add a spot of light and color.

Pat's career path carried her from being a retail buyer for stores such as Higbees and Dillards to her most rewarding job of all: Stay at Home Mom. Pat's fascination with tea began when she organized a fundraising tea party for her church preschool that was so successful that it became an annual event for the next fourteen years. Pat read everything she could get her hands on about tea. The more research she did, the more enthusiastic she became and decided to pursue a career in the tea industry. Today Pat is a Certified Tea Specialist and is working towards a Tea Sommelier certification. She established Palmer Place Fine Teas in 2011. Pat sources, blends, and distributes teas selling her products online and at local farmers markets and shows. Pat loves sharing her knowledge and is delighted to give tea talks to various groups.

Kathleen is an administrator who was searching for healthy alternatives for healing family skin issues. Belle's Healing Balms started in her kitchen and spread by word of mouth through family and friends. Her growing line of healthy skin-care products are vegan friendly and will make your skin glow.

Marianne is the owner of The Merry Monk, an online shop that sells things that “make life merrier.” Her first job was as a page at the old Roosevelt School library which fed her lifelong fascination with books. She and her husband have been booksellers for over sixteen years. Today Marianne combines her love of books and sewing to create hand-bound blank books as well as purses and fripperies from fabric. It's the desire for a challenge that keeps her creating and learning.

What else do these women have in common? They like to connect with their customers in a relaxed atmosphere that makes shopping a fun experience, not an Olympic event.

Care to see what they do? You're invited to relax, unwind, and indulge at their shopping event at The Green House, 20150 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid, on Sunday, May 6, from Noon to 4. You'll find great gift ideas for Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, and, of course, You.

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