Self Defense Seminars at the Y!

The goal is to address the student’s fears from any attacks they have concerns about, or ways they have been attacked previously whether the attack was from a male or female.  The instructor will be open to answering questions and teaching techniques based on the class fears. This will be a hands-on course for participants who are willing to drill techniques.  No one has to participate in the hands-on portion who has an injury or simply want to observe although they're subject to the same pricing.

This semnar is led by Taharka Ankhenaton, who holds belts in multiple martial arts disciplines. Taharka is
also a trained in law enforcement and involved in many community strengthening activities.

When: The last two Saturdays of the month

Time: 12pm - 2pm

Please contact the branch for details on how to register at 216-731-7454.

Carrie Serrano

Carrie Serrano, Membership Coordinator for the Euclid Family YMCA

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