Community Comes Together for Young Leaders Program Christmas Dinner

On Dec 21,2017 the Young Leaders sponsors Smolic Tire,Sievers Security,Ocho Rios & Bari Beauty & Health came together to help supply food for the Young Leaders Christmas Dinner for 100 people. There was a total of 25 volunteers at the event helping to serve Turkey,Stuffing,Dressing,Macoroni& Cheese,Green beans,Sweet potatoes,Apple and Cherry pie. The event was held at North point transitional living . This event was a success the volunteers felt it was a humbling experience and the residents enjoyed their meal. Other people and businesses who helped this come about isR&d Appliances,New Begginings Daycare ,Paninis bar & Grille,ChilliPeppers Fresh Mexican Grill, Brick Ceramic & design studio,Pendeltons barbershop and council woman Taneika Hill of Euclid   Young Leaders would like to thank all the participants for helping to provide a good christmas to the community.

Breauna Sweeney

I am a author,vice president of Young Leaders Program ,a consultant, etc

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Volume 9, Issue 1, Posted 4:06 PM, 01.15.2018