Fall Tree Planting Provides Community Improvements

New trees along East 222nd Street

As you may have noticed, the City of Euclid has been the recipient of some additional foliage over the past few weeks. One of the 2017 Municipal Beautification projects is the largest tree planting the City’s Department of Planning and Development has ever taken on, adding 330 trees to residential and commercial areas throughout Euclid.

The Euclid Group, LLC has been planting trees throughout October and November on streets designated as having low canopy coverage. The Urban Tree Canopy Assessment completed by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission in 2014 ranked Euclid as 44 out of 59 communities with tree canopy as a percentage of total land cover. This study helped determine the project that is near completion this fall. By planting new trees we are increasing our canopy coverage therefore improving our ranking. This project was made possible due to funding allocations from the Community Development Block Grant as well as the Cuyahoga County Supplemental Grant, which allowed us to double our impact.

Also underway this November is the return of the Dangerous Tree Removal program. This popular Health, Safety and Well-Being seasonal project takes place from October through March in compliance with Ohio Department of Natural Resources requirements. Trees that are considered dangerous may have overhanging branches, be entangled with wires, or are close to damaging residents’ homes or garages. These projects provide benefits of safety, increases in property value, add visual appeal and are a great long-term investment in our community.

Mary Mastalski

Community Development Manager at the City of Euclid and lifelong resident.

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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 10:03 AM, 12.08.2017