'How-to' Resolve Insurance Questions

Patience and persistence are often required in order to get complex insurance matters resolved. When you have questions or concerns, you can make things a little easier by following these tips.

Your first call should be to your insurance agent. As an agent, I work with insurance companies every day so I know who to contact regardless of how complicated an issue may be. It is part of my job to get answers for my clients. If you do not have an agent, here is what I recommend:

1. Have all pertinent information handy including your insurance card, your Medicare card (only if you are on Original Medicare), your billing statements and Summary of Benefits. If you are looking into a specific procedure ask your physician's office for the diagnostic codes they used.
2. Familiarize yourself with the basics of your plan, including your co-pays, cost of visits for specialists and out of pocket maximums.
3. Be prepared to take notes. Many people find it handy to keep a notebook specifically for recording medical and insurance matters. Note the date of your call, the person you spoke with and what they advised. These records will be helpful if your concern requires more than one call.
4. If the insurance company representative promises to get back to you with answers, ask for a date you can expect their call. Note their name and phone number on your calendar and be prepared to follow up with them if they do not get back to you as promised.
5. If the insurance company agrees to make an exception of any kind, ask for that agreement in writing.
6. When you are calling for another person, be ready to have them get on the phone to let the insurance company know it is okay for you speak on their behalf. If you will be routinely handling someone’s insurance matters, find out what forms or procedures are required for you to become the ongoing representative of that person.
7. If you are discussing complicated medical issues, ask to speak to a nurse. Many case managers at insurance companies are RNs who are accustomed to discussing medical issues.

If you prefer to have someone else handle the legwork for you as I do every day for my customers, give me a call at 440-255-5700. It is just one of the many services I provide for my customers. I represent many of the nation’s most respected insurance companies and will help you find the plan that works best for you.

Laura Mutsko

Laura Mutsko is a licensed insurance broker offering a complete line of health and life insurance products, including Individual, Group and Family Health, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage, Vision, Dental and Life Insurance. Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC is located at 6982 Spinach Drive in Mentor, Ohio.

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Volume 8, Issue 11, Posted 1:17 PM, 11.03.2017