Euclid Art Association Presented a Cathy Welner Floral Watercolor Workshop on October 7

Cathy shares her floral watercolors with us.

Our 2017-2018 workshop season started off with a Floral Watercolor workshop with award winning local artist, Cathy Welner, on Saturday, October 7.  WOW!  What a great workshop.....we learned so much.  There were 12 participants from all over Ohio and even from Michigan.  Linda and Terry travelled all the way from Loudenville....getting up at 4:30am to arrive on did Yogesh, who drove in from Auburn, MI.  Our youngest member Emma, a sophomore in high school, participated, too.  Cathy started the class by generously handing out several quality prints of her floral artworks that we could use as reference and, of course, frame later if we wanted.  Cathy shared many of her original paintings with us....all so beautiful.

The first question everyone always ask is... “Cathy, what are your favorite paints and brushes?”.  Her palate held all kinds of watercolor paints from her favorites, Holbein and Winsor Newton, including Cotman’s student grade cerulean blue (she likes the graininess), to Graham paints with honey (maybe that's why the bees were so active around us!)  Some of her favorite colors include mineral violet, olive green, vandyke brown, yellow ochre and Pro White by Daler/Rowney.  Her favorite brushes are the round Dream Catcher watercolor brushes from Cheap Joe's, sizes 10, 8, 6, 4, because they keep a sharp point.  She dips the tip handle of her brushes into a funky nail polish color.  That’s the way she knows which brushes are hers....a good tip!

We gathered around, as Cathy demonstrated how to paint ‘the rose, daisy and purple aster bouquet‘....the subject she chose for the workshop.  She started with the background wash of yellow ochre, leaving the white of the paper for the roses.  After the initial wash, Cathy used a very dry brush for everything else.  She made it look so easy.  Cathy gave us lots of to copy the sketch onto watercolor paper, how to paint a rose, the trick to painting daisies and asters, painting negative more.  But, the best tip....not related to flowers, however, was how to add the sun or the moon to a landscape was so simple!  This tip alone was worth the cost of the class!  Do you want to know how?  Then, check out, go to the Workshops Page, right side under Workshop Archives for more information and pictures.

We look forward to having Cathy back for a landscape workshop in the fall of 2018.  We also thank her for donating her completed class artwork to Euclid Art for our Spring Fine Art Show raffle.

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