A New Chef is in Town

Bishop's Chicken (Bishop's sauce is an Asian inspired citrus and plum sauce reduction)over a bed of braised kale w/Soul Mac Attack and roasted Sweet Potatoes. 

A recent implant to the city of Euclid, with his wife and young children, chef Jonathan began to cultivate a vision, inspired by his family and their rich passion for the culinary arts.  Jonathan recognized the need to begin incorporating whole food, plant based recipes into his repertoire , as a motivation to self and his family to eat with a purpose, not to simply satisfy hunger.  

As a classically trained chef of more than nineteen years, Jonathan grew disillusioned by the ever constant frustration of cooking as an employee.  Although he had run institutional kitchens and managed a kosher restaurant, the near tyrannical methods imposed upon Jonathan, rendered an immense discontentment for the culinary industry.  When he abandoned the professional culinary arena, to pursue a change in career trajectory, Jonathan's wife Sara asked him "are you finished with cooking altogether?" To which he replied "no, I am not finished, but only if I cook on my own terms!" 

Following a few years in the telecommunications industry and witnessing the same corporate status quo that he experienced in the culinary realm, affect so many loyal and hardworking people, in ways that seemed cruel,  Jonathan began working on a plan that would have far reaching implications within the next year.

Jonathan began to reintroduce himself and his family to his repressed skill set, that hibernated beneath the surface of the regular holiday and special occasion classics.  He needed to be reacquainted with his passion for cooking.  Following a seven month quest of exercising culinary expression, encouraged by his wife and children and building a newly discovered confidence, Jonathan realized that he needed to get the word out that the failed small catering business that he started twelve years earlier, was on its way back, but with a major transformation. 

Inspired, encouraged, ministered to and supported by his wife, children and really small circle of family and friends, Jonathan tasked himself with the goal of becoming a tangible culinary presence in the Euclid and greater Cleveland area.  IQ Palate was born from a vision of doing life smarter, including what he chooses to feed himself and his family, first. Then becoming a smarter choice for what others choose to feed themselves and their families.  The key ingredient to any recipe will always be LOVE! IQ Palate wants his clients to experience his passion when they taste his food.  Jonathan can create and cultivate relationships with clients and build a brand that speaks to each individual.  IQ Palate Catering and Meal Prep delivers personalized options that fit both the clients' vision and budget. Jonathan also provides personalized cooking lessons, cooking demonstration parties, grocery shopping consultant services, public and motivational speaking.  Jonathan's primary focus is to transform people's ideas of what food service can be.  Elevating the taste buds of those he serves, making IQ Palate a mind, body and soul experience.  Jonathan's clients and experience range from busy moms, students and nursing home resident populations, with special emphasis on dietary restrictions.  You can book or inquire about a free consultation or place an advanced order at iqpalate@gmail.com.


Chef Jonathan is owner of IQ PALATE! A catering and meal prep food service company. He is food safety certified and culinarily trained. Jonathan cooks good food safely, with the most important ingredient, love. Serving large partie, weddings, intimate dinner service for two, corporate meetings and parties, meal prep for busy parents and the elderly population under restrictive diets, cooking lessons, live demonstration, public and motivational speaking.

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 3:26 PM, 10.08.2017