Join the Pride: Run with the Panthers.

2017 Euclid Recreation Panther Track Team.


When deciding what sports and activities to enroll their children in, many parents and guardians think of football, baseball, and basketball due to their highly publicized nature, obvious popularity, highly publicized stars athletes, and events. Despite not garnering the same about of media attention, track remains a popular sport for individuals and teams alike, with the National Federation of State High School Associations reporting over 1,050,000 high school participants in 2015.Other than its obviously popularity, track provides youth with a variety of physical, mental, and social benefits, which positively impact development.

Track is an increasingly popular way to train and stay in shape while improving endurance for football players during the offseason, and it is a great supplement to any sport. Furthermore, it is shown to reduce the risks of depression, increase the ability to deal with stress, maintain a healthy body weight, create healthy habits for later in life, aid better decision making, increase capacity for learning, and enhance mental performance. Despite these benefits 70% of kids quit organized sports at 13 years old, and miss out on amazing experiences and friendships. Do you have children nearing this stage? Panther Track is a wonderful way to keep your children involved in organized sports during this pivotal time in their lives.

Panther Track is Euclid Recreation’s competitive track team, providing participants with the opportunity to experience these benefits. Under the direction of Coaches Darryl Buckley, Vidal Curry, and Lonnie Moore, the team serves ages 7 through 12. Registration for track takes place in early spring through the end of May, with practices starting in early May. Participants compete in a variety of events including sprint, distance, and relay, against other local communities. Participants will practice up to two or three times a week during the evening hours.

This season was an amazing success; our participants learned and improved their abilities, made new friends, and had fun, all while remaining active instead of staying inside playing video games. This is a success in its own right these days! We look forward to next season and hope to see some new faces.

Thank you to Coach Darryl Buckley, Coach Vidal Curry, Coach Lonnie Moore, Samantha Brown, Juwaun Hudson, Isaiah Kennedy, Austin Kennedy, Zarriah Kind, T'Naiya Lee, Johnathan Noland Jr.,Simone Simon, Page Travis, and  Dean Tristan for your dedication and commitment to the 2017 Panther Track team!

If track isn’t for you we also offer a variety of other sports and activities including swim lessons, dance classes, football, soccer and everything in between. If you have questions about any of the programs being offered through Euclid Recreation, please give us a call at 216.289.8114 or visit our website at

Melissa Mac Knight

Melissa Mac Knight works as an intern for the Euclid Recreation Department. She attended Kent State University majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management.

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Volume 8, Issue 8, Posted 12:15 PM, 08.04.2017