A Spiritual Journey

There are times in my life that  have been a merry-go-round experience.   Repeating the same thoughts, taking the same actions and getting almost the same results was keeping me from my joy.

Was it an unrecognized fear that limited me?  When I realized I needed to be mindfull of what I really wanted, my experiences changed.  Life does become an endless frustrating loop without mindfullness.

Yes, life does have its ups and downs.  Some experiences are never what we would have consciously chosen for ourselves, yet were exactly what could help us grow mentally and spiritually. It is not just the situation confronting us, but how we choose to handle it that matters. Getting angry, issuing threats, avoidance, denial are human responses,  but so is being mindfull.  Setting an intention each and every morning to live the life you desire, begins with knowing what you value.

Asking "what do I want" provides insight to your souls purpose.  Intentions to strive for material possessions are important yet they don't lead to lasting joy.  To live consciously, with compassion and impersonal love creates the life force energy in everything you do and say. To become a compassionate person towards others and yourself, expresses a true Divine nature of forgiveness.  

Living mindfully has been revered throughout centuries by practitioners of world religions.  Having right intentions is a starting point.  Intending to take the "high road", the road less traveled,  is a challenge worth pursuing.  Take a gentle breath, close your eyes and open  your heart center to the guidance from within and know your true self.

Metaphysical teachings through the Rishis Institute have given me a valuable blueprint to follow for peacefully living. Take a gentle breath, quiet your racing thoughts as you listen to your inner guidance. and declare your intentions to live fully in the spirit of Oneness.   An orientation to metaphysics is offered on Monday, August 21 from 6 to 7 PM.  Also a six week series on ONENESS is offered on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8 PM.   Join me in the Journey to Knowing Thyself.  Namaste. 

A Tabar

Retired mental health social worker and counselor.  Reiki Master with integrative therapies experience.   Current instructor at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Ohio.

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Volume 8, Issue 8, Posted 12:15 PM, 08.04.2017