Euclid Cooperative Preschool Offers Parents Involvement Opportunities

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Are you looking for an opportunity to have an active role in your child’s first educational experience?

Do you want to participate in your child’s classroom, attend field trips and special events?  A cooperative preschool experience may be what your family is looking for.  Euclid Cooperative Preschool may be the preschool that can best serve your family.  We are currently enrolling 3, 4 and 5-year-old  students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Euclid Cooperative Preschool will be celebrating our 70th anniversary during the upcoming school year.

Not much is known about the early years of Euclid Cooperative Preschool.  The school’s founder, Audrey Bass was a mother of preschool aged children who moved to Euclid in 1945 and found there were no preschools in the area.  The Cleveland Day Nursery Association provided support to Mrs. Bass and a small group of parents who opened Euclid’s first preschool.  In 1948, Andrew Bass was the first student enrolled in Euclid Cooperative Preschool.  Hazel Beaufait Stroh was one of the first full time teachers in the school.   The original location of the school is not known.  It was located at the Boulevard Presbyterian Church at 24600 Lakeshore Boulevard before it was moved to its present location in the Church of the Epiphany, 21000 Lakeshore Boulevard.

Today, Euclid Cooperative Preschool and the thousands of other cooperative preschools throughout the country offer a unique experience for the entire family.  A cooperative preschool allows parents to play a very active role in their child's first formal education.  Parents are responsible for the running of the school. Some parents choose to be board members. Other parents actively participate in their child's classroom as well as on a committee.  Some parents who work choose to pay a staff member to participate in the classroom and focus on being a member of a school committee.  No matter how you participate, you are guaranteed to build relationships with your child's teacher, classmates and their families.

In May 2005, Euclid Cooperative Preschool continued its tradition of excellence, becoming one of the first preschools in Cuyahoga County to volunteer for a star rating by Ohio's Step Up to Quality program. Euclid Cooperative Preschool currently holds a Five Star Step Up to Quality rating. We are proud to continue to provide a unique, high quality Early Childhood experience to families in Euclid and the surrounding area.

If you are interested in finding out more about our school, contact Donna Sudar, director and Pre-K lead teacher at 216 906-9084 or email the preschool at  Any historical information pertaining to the early years of Euclid Cooperative Preschool is also greatly appreciated. 

Donna Sudar

I am a 32 year resident of Euclid, mother of 4 children,  President of the Euclid Board of Education and Director and Pre-K teacher at Euclid Cooperative preschool. I am also the mother of a  journalist!!!

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