Euclid Art Hosted 3-Day David Rankin Watercolor Workshop

The class practices graded washes

The Euclid Art Association presented a 3-day David Rankin Workshop, Essential Watercolor Skills Training, on June 2, 3, and 4, 2017.  David is an award winning national and internationally acclaimed watercolor of the world’s top professional watercolor painters working today.  He and his wife, Deanna, live in Cleveland, OH, where he maintains his professional studio.

Euclid Art thanks David for this fantastic weekend workshop.  We had a full class.  Members came from all over NE Ohio and from New Jersey, Michigan and British Columbia!  We learned....and for some of us....relearned the broken stroke, twisted-torso stroke, flawless and graded washes, wet glisten skies, plus the value of the darkest darks in a painting.  The importance of using Arches Rough Paper and Steve Quiller’s 1-inch wash brush became obvious as David showed us these techniques.  David said that if we couldn’t explain to him how we did ‘it’, we really didn’t ‘own’ the technique.  How many times did he ask us to repeat “how to lay down a glisten?”  Using his 1-inch wash brush on rough paper, he also showed us....dip, lift, touch your brush in the water for a graded wash or drag and lift for a pine tree.  Another reminder that most of us needed....“use your arm not your wrist” to move the brush across the dabbling!  By the end of the weekend, we each completed three landscape paintings.

David is a good friend of Euclid Art and we look forward to more workshops with him in our 2017-2018 season.  Visit our website for more workshop pictures and interesting links.....and to keep up to date on future workshops, monthly meetings and upcoming art shows.

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