A Spiritual Journey

When life hands you lemons, can you enjoy some lemonade?  It's true , we don't always see the sunshine through the clouds but within us is an eternal radiance that can be awakened when we live consciously.  Live consciously?  In what way and how when life commitments seem to be in control all the time.  Take a moment to reevaluate what occupies your time, energy and money.  Each aspect of your life has pros and cons or plus and minus factors. Are you living in a way that makes your heart sing? If not, then you have the power to make conscious changes.  And, only you know the changes that need to be made.  Go within.  Breathe deeply and listen to the guidance from your higher self, your Divine nature .  You truly know the way to happiness when you take a moment to be silent yet awake.  Ask and listen carefully as Spirit speaks softly.  Sometimes you receive direct guidance, sometimes an image or symbol especially in dreams.  Understanding can come while taking a morning shower.  Clarify the insights by asking if this guidance is for your highest and best good.  We all have a dweller on the threshold, a negative influence as an aspect of our design,  but our greater Self can and does guide us in positive directions.  The path to self mastery is narrow but beautifull to travel, lifetime after lifetime.  Join others at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics for guidance on your spiritual journey.  Call 216-486-7240 for class information.

A Tabar

Retired mental health social worker. Current instructor at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Oh.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 11:11 AM, 07.07.2017