Remembering Veterans Day

I would like to thank the Euclid Joint Veterans Council for once again organizing an amazing tribute in honor of all Veterans and specifically the Veterans from our City of Euclid.

 I am proud to come from a military family and am thankful that, at a very young age, my parents instilled a strong and deep-seated patriotism, respect for service and country within me

 Clearly this day of remembrance strikes each of us in different ways and it brings back memories from years ago. Each of us has our own stories and memories.  Here is one of mine that came to mind as I embarked on the journey of the day…..

 My younger self was taught to appreciate our servicemen and our veterans.   I was a mere child during the Vietnam War. My earliest memory is of Eddie, a family friend who was called to service, a call that he bravely answered.  I remember my family receiving letters that came to my house in those very decorative red, white and blue-rimmed airmail envelopes.  Envelopes that one-day abruptly stopped coming, they just stopped.

  I remember when Eddie left, his decorative envelopes that contained letters to my family of his experience happening a world away.  I also remember that Eddie did not come home. 

 Participating in the programs of the 87th Memorial Day Parade and Graveside Services is the highest honor that I, as a councilwoman, have participated in.   I am thankful that we are offered this pause to reflect on and to honor and to thank our veterans and to do so together as a community.

 Freedom, ah yes Freedom – do you enjoy it?  Thank a veteran, not just on this day of remembrance, but each and every day – for freedom is NOT free, it has a cost, just ask Eddie’s family and my family and anyone else who have lost loved ones, who still grieve, as we place wreaths in their honor.

Laura J. Gorshe Councilwoman ~ Ward 8


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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.13.2017