Recycling Matters to Noble Academy

Mr. Gigliotti and The Recycling Club

In August 2015, teacher Ray Gigliotti began working with a special group of kids at Noble Academy Cleveland; The Noble Ambassadors. This group is a very responsible group of students who have been put in charge of giving building tours to guests. They answer questions, mediate any issues between students and perform many other responsibilities on behalf of the school. They are very busy. But, they're not too busy to help Mr. Gigliotti with something that is near and dear to his heart; recycling.

From what began as a small recycling project using paper reem boxes in some of the classes, actually grew to a formal Recycling Club with full to the brim heavy-duty recycling bins in each classroom and a paper recycling dumpster in the parking lot! The latest wave of Noble Academy's Recycling Movement is the Noble Recycling Weekly Challenge. Every Tuesday, Gigliotti and his team go around and collect and weigh each classroom's recycling totes. They've created a recyling tree on a bulletin board to share the success they're having in the school.

They are proud to say how much of a positive impact recycling has had on Noble Academy and the community. Kids now recycle every bit of paper instead of throwing it away and they're are more aware of the reasons they should. 

Mr. Gigliotti is grateful for the Noble Academy staff and administration for their support with this program, stating that, "without their support and follow-through, the Recyclying Club would not exist". He is proud of the scholars who now have turned recycling into an everyday activity and hope that other schools will follow suit, because recycling matters!

Amber Chapman

Mr. Gigliotti, teacher at Noble Academy

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.13.2017