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Learning how to play corhole at one of the HELP homes

The individuals with disabilities served by HELP have some of the busiest social calendars during the summer months and we are seeking highly motivated Direct Care Workers to assist HELP with these activities. Days are filled with great outings or time outside soaking up the sun. HELP spends our summers frequenting the museums our city has to offer, taking trips to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and hosting cookouts at our various facilities.

HELP is currently hiring Direct Care Workers to facilitate these summer activities and provide necessary supports to those we serve year round. Direct Care Workers are responsible for helping with cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, transportation, and community integration. These professionals encourage individuals to make their own choices about what they do in their homes and how they will interact with the community around them.

Community integration is an integral part of HELP’s day programs and residential programs. It is imperative that our program participants have access to their communities and feel like welcomed and contributing members. In order to achieve this, our programs spend a great deal of time on trip or excursions so that individuals can develop new interests, experience new things, or explore new places they have never been. Ultimately, Direct Care Workers help individuals with disabilities live their best lives as valued members of the community.

We are seeking applicants to fill full-time and part-time Direct Care Worker schedules. The schedules vary in days and hours, providing the ability for each applicant to find an open schedule that will fit his or her needs. Applicants can expect that their assigned schedule will remain the same with the choice to pick up additional hours as they are available. Due to HELP’s extensive onboarding program, no prior experience is required.

As an organization we are actively recruiting for these open Direct Care Worker positions and look forward to filling them quickly with qualified and motivated individuals. If you are ready to begin your career and make a difference, apply today:

Rachel McKelvey

Manager of Development & Communications at HELP Foundation, Inc.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.13.2017