Don't be a Stranger, Be a Good Neighbor

You might often hear the phrase that Euclid is a community of communities.   Ever wonder what that means?  Strictly by the old dictionary on my desk, community can mean people having common interests, common work or other similarities.   Communities just don’t happen by chance.   They rest upon another similar word: communication.  Again, that old dictionary defines communication in part as giving and receiving as in giving and receiving information.

No matter where in live in Euclid, the strength of our individual communities and Euclid in general rests upon this very basic task of sharing and learning from an with your neighbors. 

Euclid is blessed with many wonderful street and block clubs and more informal clubs that serve to bring neighbors together to share information and ideas and to just get to know someone.    But it is even more basic that that.   A simple wave, or smile or a hello can do wonders to turn strangers into someone you see, someone you help, and someone you are considerate of.

Notice I have not mentioned the government of the City.   We have plenty of ordinances that govern behavior:  loud music; when to put out and take in your trash carts; fireworks prohibition; how to feed birds; wearing bicycle helmets; overnight parking, and on and on.   All very important in keeping our neighborhoods strong, desirable, etc.   It’s important that if you see something, say something.

So, as summer approaches and we all enjoy the good weather let’s each one of us commit to these words:  “don’t be a stranger, be a good neighbor.”   

Daryl Langman


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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.13.2017