A Spiritual Journey

Metaphysics, the study of energy beyond the physical, encourages me to change my daily habits.  I awaken each morning with a sense of wonder as to what the day will offer.  I have thoughts of gratitude that each moment is filled with an experience that awakens me more fully to who I am.  Keeping my thoughts positive and my mind clear about what I want to create, for we are co-creators with the life force within us, I ask for only goodness to prevail in my life each day.  Then I can face what does come with a knowingness that Yes sometimes goodness comes in unusual ways, but it is all good when you can reflect upon it.  These reflections come in the form of seeing the lessons behind the experience.  If it is a challenge with an attitude or personality, then I truly have to look within myself, for we mirror each other.  Have I harnessed a negative trait enough to notice someone else struggling to do so.  Have I asked for peaceful relationships in all aspects of my life... driving the freeway, in the grocery store, at school, within my family.  If this is what I desire, then it's up to me to ask for this gift of harmony in all things and to know when I am the cause of not achieving it.  Gratitude is vital at the start of each day as thankfulness completes the cycle of communion with the radiant presence and power of an all knowing and loving presence in this Universe, God.  The Rishis Institute of Metaphysics embraces this ideology as the LIGHT in all things, everywhere throughout the world.  Knowing the LIGHT needs us to express it's presence helps me to stay aligned to my purpose in this lifetime. Join me and others for the one hour Orientation to Metaphysics on Monday, June 26 at 6 PM at 21933 Euclid Avenue  or call  216-486-7240. 

A Tabar

Retired mental health social worker. Current instructor at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Oh.

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Volume 8, Issue 6, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.13.2017