Simonís Nutrition Education Tour

On March 21, Creating Healthy Communities piloted a nutrition education tour in collaboration with Simon’s Supermarket. The theme of the tour was “Healthy Eating on a Budget”, a theme chosen as a result of resident feedback through surveys of Simon’s Supermarket customers. Based off of the MyPlate model, a visual tool created by the USDA to illustrate a healthy, balanced meal, participants were led throughout the different aisles of the supermarket to learn about how to choose healthy foods, how to prepare them, and cost-saving shopping tips. Throughout the tour, participants were actively engaged in the hands-on activities and they asked many great questions. Simon’s staff provided fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks, which participants appreciated and increased awareness and engagement among store workers towards the nutrition tour. The tour ended with a $10 challenge, where participants used what they learned to create their own healthy, balanced meal for $10 or less. Participants personally expressed their gratitude for this tour, saying they appreciated the time and effort put in by the CHC team and they would like to see this program continue. Our post-survey results showed that all participants were ‘very satisfied’ and they agree that their eating and shopping habits will change as a result of the tour.


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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 4:01 PM, 05.07.2017