Shredding Services Available in Downtown Euclid

A full day of work at HELP U Shred Euclid

Do you have important documents, mail, or files laying around that you need shredded? HELP U Shred can help you out! HELP U Shred, conveniently located on Shore Center Drive, offers competitively priced contracts or drop-off options beginning at only $4.50 per box.

At first glance HELP U Shred looks like any other business providing industry regulated, HIPPA approved shredding services to individuals, companies, and government entities. This program, however, is extremely unique because it doubles as a vocational program providing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a vehicle to independence through meaningful employment and on-the-job-training.

HELP U Shred is one of HELP Foundation Inc.’s (HELP’s) three vocational programs that prepare consumers for success in independent community employment. Employees at HELP U Shred work in a supported environment with job coaches to develop transferrable skills and appropriate workplace behaviors that can be applied at any place of employment. HELP U Shred teaches all employees the importance of arriving on-time, maintaining appropriate uniforms, and performing jobs thoroughly through the end of their scheduled shifts. The day to day jobs of each employee vary depending on his or her skills, interests or abilities. Some consumers separate the paper, others bale paper, some attend the pick-up routes, and others feed through the shredders. Each of these jobs is necessary function of the business, so trainees are fulfilled knowing that their individual tasks contribute to the overall success of HELP U Shred.

All of HELP’s programs work towards empowering consumers to have as much independence as possible. HELP U Shred fulfills this mission by preparing consumers for employment in the community, but also by paying each consumer a fair wage. Each employee at HELP U Shred receives State of Ohio Minimum Wage for their work. This is a rarity for vocational programs as many opt to pay consumers sub-minimum wage or piecework pay. At HELP, we know the positive impact that minimum wage can have for these consumers on their quest for independence.

If you are interested in contracting services with HELP U Shred or coordinating a one-time drop-off, please contact Allison Pickett at 216.372.9117 or For more information on HELP Foundation, Inc., please visit

Rachel McKelvey

Manager of Development & Communications at HELP Foundation, Inc.

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