Charlene Mancuso, Ward 5 Councilwoman

It is with great enthusiasm for what can occur in this city as a whole and how we can best represent the residents in our individual wards that make being the current Ward 5 Councilwoman an honor.  This is a different role than when I was twice elected as a Councilperson-at-Large.  My current role puts me more in touch with individuals and the specific issues impacting them.  Many times a single issue is brought forward by several different residents.  This requires not only addressing the individual issue, but in many cases, council members from all wards can then come together to address as a city wide concern or issue.

It is refreshing to work with the many facets of the downtown district redevelopment.  It is becoming more pedestrian friendly with shops and restaurants that folks can enjoy.  The Lakefront which borders much of Ward 5 is also being actively developed to encourage more waterfront access.  We are beginning to see home values slowly rise again. And of course we cannot forget the lovely cranes that are currently on Lakeshore Blvd., a part of development for our future clean water needs. All of these projects must be developed and implemented while assuring fiscal accountability for our city’s future.

Part of my mission is to bring the residents of Ward 5 together several times each year so they can hear from their city officials about what is currently happening in the city.  They can also meet other residents of Ward 5 who may share some of the same questions/ideas/concerns.  While I encourage all Euclid residents to use the Euclid website, watch Council meetings on TV if able, or better yet, attend a Council meeting, I know we all have busy lives.  I do want our residents to be as informed as possible and to participate.

We have many new families that have recently made Euclid their home and I look forward to each of them becoming more involved in the city I love.

Currently I chair the City’s Safety Committee which handles everything from appropriate towing contracts for the city, to safety and security issues that are paramount to our residents’ quality of life.

As summer approaches look for an announcement for the Next Ward 5 meeting. Hope to see you there.

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 4:01 PM, 05.07.2017