Rose-Mary Enhances Care for Children

Rose-Mary is transforming the way it provides for children with developmental disabilities in Cuyahoga County. The agency recently transferred all of its residents who resided at the main facility into seven new innovative community homes, and it is expanding trauma responsive care training to all employees. 

The seven new community homes, which were opened during the second half of 2016 at locations throughout Cuyahoga County, each house four to six children or young adults. Previously, all of Rose-Mary’s young residents lived in the Rose-Mary Center in Euclid. The change from a single, large facility to multiple smaller homes will help better integrate the children with their communities. Further, Rose-Mary staff members at each location will be able to develop programs specific to their homes. This will help them build stronger relationships with the children and their families. 

“We are continuing the ministry that is Rose-Mary, and moving it forward,” said Gina Kerman, Executive Director at Rose-Mary. “We believe that all people should have a place to call home, whether or not they have a disability. We work with the children and adults to form connections that are only possible by shopping, working, and playing in the communities where they live, just like we do.” 

Several of the homes were built new, while others were existing structures that were extensively renovated by Rose-Mary. The process of moving children into community homes was completed in December 2016. Although the homes have been completed and the children have moved, the $4.6 million project still needs your support. To recognize the change, the organization will refer to itself as “Rose-Mary” moving forward, instead of “Rose-Mary Center.” 

All Rose-Mary staff members at the new community homes have been trained in trauma responsive care. Rose-Mary received a grant from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to expand its trauma responsive care program to all employees. This cutting edge philosophy will ensure that the children and adults served receive support from a team who is responsive to their individual needs.  

“This type of innovative, client driven care is instrumental in providing each child and adult a place where they are safe, connected, and in control. We at Rose-Mary are focused on making our houses homes, so the children and adults can function and thrive in their communities. We can only do this with a committed, informed team of employees,” said Kerman.

 To jump-start expansion of trauma responsive care within other agencies who serve individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, Rose-Mary is hosting the Trauma Responsive Care Summit: Real World Applications of Emerging Best Practices on Thursday, June 22, from 9:00-4:00PM. At the event, which will be held at Landerhaven in Cleveland, leading trauma care experts will share their insights about the future of the field. Registration for the Trauma Responsive Care Summit will available at

Rose-Mary will celebrate its 95th anniversary at the Enchanted Garden Dinner & Auction on June 9, at Landerhaven. To learn more or donate, contact Judith Matsko at

 About Rose-Mary

Rose-Mary continues the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing individuals with disabilities and celebrating love, family, dignity and faith within the community. For 95 years, families have turned to Rose-Mary for support and specialized services for their children. Rose-Mary believes that living life to its fullest potential is dependent upon the interaction of all who share our environment.  At Rose-Mary, children and adults are given the opportunity to become active and integrated members of their local communities through the support of our generous donors.

Judy Matsko


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Volume 8, Issue 3, Posted 4:01 PM, 03.09.2017