Power of the Pen Propels Students to Success

Mrs. Millett is one of three teachers who coaches Power of the Pen students to success at Our Lady of the Lake School.

Power of the Pen is a powerful program! Through this after-school writing program, students at Our Lady of the Lake are developing skills that can take them far in life. Every Tuesday, throughout the school year, fifteen 7th and 8th grade students meet for 40 minutes to hone their persuasive, literary and expository skills – and to compete against other students across the region. Approximately 10,000 students in Ohio take part in this program each year, and OLL students are up for the competition. In the past five years of offering the program, OLL teams have gone to regionals every year, and for the last three years have gone to State level competition. Both the 7th and 8th grade teams are heading to regionals this year, so wish them luck on April 1, when they’ll be competing for top prizes at Padua High School.

And once they graduate middle school, how is this program helpful? Just ask Khalim Mitchell, a VASJ sophomore who had his first article published in Affinity Magazine, and is now an official staff writer for the online publication. An alumni of Our Lady of the Lake School, he credits participation in Power of the Pen for kickstarting his creative talents.

All of the students at OLL acknowledge the mentoring and support they get from their three Power of the Pen faculty advisors, Mrs. Zigman, Mrs. Millett and Mrs. Kish. The guidance these teachers and coaches offer is helping to foster a love of creative expression and the strong communication skills that will benefit these students for a lifetime. So power up those pens, because great things happen when these students start writing!

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What Does Power of the Pen Mean to Students?

Power of the Pen (POP) has affected my life because I have made so many new friends, I have greatly increased my writing and creative ability, and I have learned to believe in myself more and do the best that I can. I have learned not to second-guess myself and to feel positive about every assignment or story I submit, in and out of POP. I have learned that you always learn from your mistakes and do better in the next thing you do and take away the lessons from your mistake. That is how Power of the Pen has affected me.

- Anika Duhigg, 7th Grade

Power of the Pen has influenced my life in many ways. When I joined Power of the Pen, I began to realize my writing potential. Each topic we get improves my creativity and helps me think outside the box. When I write, it lets me let all of my emotions and creativity out. Our Power of the Pen leaders, Mrs. Millett, Mrs. Zigman, and Mrs.Kish, are huge influences. They always have something positive to say and are always trying to help our team improve. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them . They have taught me that I can be an amazing writer if I practice and put my mind to it. I am so thankful that I have had the pleasure to be a part of Power of the Pen.

- Madeline Jarosz, 8th Grade

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