Letter to the Community

Dear Euclid Residents,

On November 8, 2016 Euclid voters passed Issue 111. The Euclid Board of Education would like to thank the voters of Euclid for your support of Euclid City Schools.  Your support allows us to Finish the Job we started when we built our four new elementary schools.  We will now be able to provide all students in Euclid schools with the 21st Century learning environments they need to succeed.

There is much work to be done to move our Finish the Job initiative forward toward ultimately rebuilding Euclid High School, building a new Middle School, building a new Early Learning Village, as well as making improvements to Sparky DiBiasio Stadium, Memorial Park and creating a new Metro Park at the Central Middle School site. We will be keeping the community informed as to the project’s progress.  Our progress can be monitored by following an informative Finish the Job Blog.  The blog can be found at www.euclidschools.org under the Our Euclid tab.  The Euclid Board of Education meetings will soon be broadcasted on the City of Euclid cable channel.  Project updates as well as opportunities for community participation in the project will be communicated at Euclid Board of Education Meeting.  If at any time you have a question about the project or have any concerns related to Euclid City Schools please feel free to contact a Board Member.  Our Superintendent Dr. Smialek can also be contacted at any time with any question you might have.  All contact information for the board and administration can be found on www.euclidschools.org under the Our Euclid tab- Board of Education or Administration.

Thank you once again to Euclid Voters for allowing our Finish the Job Initiative to become a reality.

Donna Sudar, Tisha Thomas, Kathy DeAngelis,  Angela Lisy,  Steve Johnson Jr. 

Donna Sudar

I am a 31 year resident of Euclid, mother of 4 children,  President of the Euclid Board of Education and Director and Pre-K teacher at Euclid Cooperative preschool. I am also the mother of a  journalist!!!

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