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Question: What are some holiday crime prevention tips to help us have a joyous season? 

Euclid Police asked Santa’s Reindeer to offer their best advice.

Dasher says be aware of your surroundings while shopping, and remember our good cheer and happy disposition can be taken advantage of by criminals looking for us to be vulnerable.

Dancer says park in a well-lit area of the parking lot, keep packages locked in the trunk of your vehicle, and never leave your vehicle running while loading your packages as an enterprising criminal can jump in and drive away.

Prancer says not to carry too much cash with you and remove any cards or items from your purse or wallet that you really don’t need.  Be aware of how you carry your purse or wallet and ask yourself how easy would it be for a criminal to snatch it away.

Vixen says when ordering online to have packages sent to a location where someone is present such as your place of employment, or a person who stays home.  Packages left at your house when you are not home can be stolen.

Comet says when using a mobile device to purchase gifts watch out for unfamiliar websites with deals too good to be true, and download only trusted apps.  It’s best to have a security app installed on your device as well.

Cupid says when using an ATM you should withdraw only the amount you need, minimize the time you spend at the ATM, be aware of who is around you, and don’t forget to take your receipt and card.

Donner says when shopping with young children have a plan of where to meet if you get separated, teach them to look for mall personnel or security, and make sure they have your phone number memorized.

Blitzen says if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood like unknown people walking up and down driveways or looking into windows, call Euclid Police at 216-731-1234 and report it! 

If you would like to submit a question to Ask an Officer, contact Community Policing at the Euclid Police Department:  email or call 216-289-8449.      

Kate McLaughlin

I am the Community Policing Specialist at the Euclid Police Department.

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Volume 7, Issue 12, Posted 6:37 PM, 12.04.2016