The Cast of "Because She's My Mother" Production Hits the Streets of Euclid at the Shore Cultural Center

A scene from the stage play "Beecause She's My Mother"

The writer/director and cast of Je McClain's Entertainment will visit the city of Euclid, Ohio on September 17th at 6:00 p.m. at the Shore Cultural Center to perform their very touching and inspirational stage play "Because She's My Mother" which was formally known as "Mama I am who God Says I Am". The production was performed back in Detroit, Michigan at the Charles H. Wright Museum. Delivering a stellar performance on Mother's Day; this production packed the theatre with two sold-out shows and over a hundred and twenty people to turn away. I truly encourage the residents in the city of Euclid and its surrounding cities to come out and be a part of such a great movement in theatre. Conveying such a relatable message with much conviction, this cast is sure to wow you in one way or another. Whether its through discovery, tears or a laugh or two, this show will definitely impact your life. The story line deals with the affect and destruction of mothers and daughters relationships and the long lasting effect it has on the daughters as women.

The production received such great feedback from customers that attended the show, so with much courage and ambition; the director decided to take the show to next level and now this dynamic play is coming to a city near you. And to top it off we will have one of Detroit's most finest Comedians Co Co from Def Jam and 105.9 FM radio playing a very instrumental role in the play. You will not believe the person she is portraying in this performance,  but seeing is believing. The cast of Je McClain's Entertainment is such a loving and supportive group of people. This organization established a  program called "The Village" to help the youth in Michigan with emphasis on Detriot City youth. So the success of our performance is not only for us, but for the children and families we desire to help. So with that being said come one, come all to a play near you. Come out and meet the cast. Show some support and join our movement.

Kennesha Crawford

Kennesha Crawford is a event planner, publicist and actor from Detroit, Michigan with the desire to help make the world become a better place.

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Volume 7, Issue 9, Posted 5:18 PM, 09.09.2016