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WARNING – You may find this article challenging.

There are some subjects that you traditionally avoid in polite conversation.  Proper etiquette dictates that conversations remain cordial, light, and for the most part – absolutely neutral.  Talking about the weather or local sports teams are usually acceptable topics.  Personally, I prefer more meaningful discourse, so let’s put etiquette aside for a moment.

I was recently asked what religion I profess.  Quite honestly, a person’s religion doesn’t particularly interest me.  It’s your business.  What I really want to know about you is this. 

How do you treat other people, especially those who can do nothing for you?

Have you journeyed with the broken and encouraged someone experiencing the inevitable hard times of life?  Have you given a hungry person your own food?  Have you comforted the sick and dying?

This tells me more about your spirituality than your denomination. 

You see, I don’t care too much for labels because they tend to make one group think that they are better than another by separating us from them; a kind of spiritual one-up-ness. 

Let me ask you this important question - Is it possible for you to put labels aside and recognize each person as infinitely valuable regardless of their nationality, religion, age, politics, the amount of pigment in their skin or their sexual identity?         

It has been said that we are like separate waves in the same ocean or leaves of the same tree, and it is tragic to decide that only a certain group of people should be loved.  We are all in this together.  We tend to get into trouble when we forget our connectedness and focus instead on our differences.

We all bleed red.

Bob Payne, Manager

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 5:18 PM, 09.09.2016