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So, you think you’re having a bad day?

I just met a man who is really down on his luck.  He was a hardworking young man that got injured on the job.  That was more than 15 years ago, and his life has gone downhill ever since.  After losing his career he’s had some health issues, both physical and emotional.  He’s bounced around from job to job, relationship to relationship, and state to state.  When I met him he was hungry and looking for food.

I asked him about himself.  His eyes, which were a dull blue, brightened when he talked about how life used to be.  The spark of life was still there, but now it’s mostly covered by his all-consuming daily struggle to get by. 

He’s a person.  He has needs, wants and dreams.  He once had it all, but now he struggles for everything. 

Folks – this man is you and me. 

As we go through life most of us have been lucky enough to be treated pretty well.  Yes, you can say that he made some poor choices and his life situation is the result of them.  You’d be right.  But, I also know full well that you and I have made some bad choices too, and we were fortunate enough not to suffer dire consequences.  We really shouldn’t judge others just because their sins are different than our own.

Yes, he needs to make decisions to help himself and take advantage of systems and resources that are available.  I made him aware of all that, but right now I see a broken man with the potential to go far beyond his current conditions.  Will he? 

We all go through rough times in life.  Those experiences can help us grow in compassion toward others.  But remember, compassion is incomplete without action.  You are called to be more than just an observer. 

You may be having a bad day right now.  Honestly, there are people who wish they had your bad days.

Bob Payne, Manager

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Volume 8, Issue 3, Posted 5:18 PM, 09.09.2016