In Memoriam of George V. Voinovich 15 July 1936 12 June 2016

An old saying implores that we “remember the dash between the years of our birth and our death.  That dash may be short or long but no matter, for what is important is what we do with that dash between our coming and our going.” 

We must ensure through our lives that that dash is defined by who we are and what we did for ourselves, our family, our community, our country or our world. Hopefully that time is filled with positive and fulfilling events and activities. Did we do something for someone else?  Did we have fun? Did we live life filled with others and concerned with others? Did we work for the greater good? If we could answer these honestly and positively, then we have lived our lives as any good Christian should, as any good person does. 

On the morning of Sunday, June 12, we lost a good man in George Voinovich; a friend, a husband, a father, grandfather and a man of service. During the time since then we heard so much about who he was and what he had accomplished. Each of us has their own memories.  He had his own ways but these made him who he was. He was proud of his Slovenian and Serbian roots and he carried his Collinwood pride before him; “Once a Railroader…Always a Railroader.” 

So, we say one last farewell to a special person and send him to his new special place, may we learn by his example of community service and help make the neighborhood he called home a better place and may our lives better for having known him.

 His memory will live on as will his legacy.  Therefore, he is never really gone from us. God bless and keep his family.


by Mary Louise Daley


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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 12:28 PM, 07.10.2016