Senior Market - June 14th A Free Event of Food, Facts & Fun for Seniors

Fresh produce, cooking demos, nutritional information and a Registered Nutritionist is really nice when it is gratis? The Indian Hills Senior Community in Euclid, Ohio is getting just that with Greater Cleveland Food Bank direct educational and food support like one would typically expect at a Church or School, yet this is better because it is a senior community backyard.
Juanita Edwards, Activity Director, at Indian Hills Senior Community has been helping with events, programs and tireless dedication to seniors since 2008. She said this week in an interview,
“I am so excited it makes me even look good. After all, you are in a great place when you keep smiling from ear to ear. We have made a lot of new improvements in our community and granted we needed new things like flooring, roofs, gym equipment, and effective programs that AIY Properties has brought since they purchused us last summer but this event just makes the community feel special. We are on a roll.”

SENIOR MARKET - June 14thA Free Event of Food, Facts & Fun for Seniors
This community has a spirit that makes you smile even if you just stop in to visit to spread some good energy. Seniors are so often happy in spite of many many hardships they face day after day without letting on. Grace after all is putting a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it but doing a good dead can do it so naturally. If someone or a group would like to help with volunteering, food items or educational support please reach out to Juanita Edwards for more details.
Juanita Edwards

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 10:44 AM, 06.11.2016