Ultimate Body Transformers Hosts Free Event at Sims Park

Ultimate Body Transformers, LLC, a Euclid-based fitness studio, dedicated to providing holistic, organicand sustainable health habits for everyday people, this week announced they will be hosting a FREE event at Sims Park this May 27, 2016.  The only plant-based fitness center in Northeast Ohio, Ultimate Body Transformers provides all needed nutritional info for members right from their facility.

"We're taking our health and wellness approach to finess and bringing it to Sims park for all interested attendees", said David Goodman, owner and developer of the Ultimate Body transformers weightloss and fitness training system.  We want this public event to spur health conversation, encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices and educate everyday people on nutrition and fitness.

"We live in an amazing part of the country to utilize natural, organic ingredients for holistic plant-based diets" said David Goodman.  "Everything we need is right here, and we want to help educate the community on how to incorporate locally sourced produce for healthy eating.  Spread the word on our free event this May 27, and come join us for an afternoon of healthy living and engaging exercise."

Called UB @ the Park, the event will run from noon until 2:00.  UB @ the Park includes a sign-up for beginners, intermediate, advanced and modified for a 30 minute workout.  Additionally, there will be healthy smoothies for sale.  The event is being held to promote Ultimate Body Transformers new fitness mobile app designed to spur regimented exercise routines for downloaders.

Sims Park is located at 23131 Lakeshore Blvd.

For more information visit: http://www.ultimatebodyfitness1.com.

David Goodman

David Goodman is owner/founder of ultimate body transformers, has been personal trainer over 6 years.  Owned/Operated fitness center 4 years.   Married to Nichol, a retired Clevelend Police detective.  David and Nichol live in Euclid with thier cat Leo and new puppy Miss Lilly

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