SRW Catholic School Students Collect Items and Donations for the Euclid Hunger Center

Several of the participating students showcase their paper clip donation chains.

The students and staff of Ss. Robert and William Catholic School collected food and donations for the Euclid Hunger Center during Lent. A picture of a little boy sitting at a large empty table was placed on the cafeteria wall of the school. Every day as the students ate, they were reminded about how many boys and girls go without enough food each day. This visual reminder served as an inspiration to bring in food donations for the Euclid Hunger Center. Each student who brought in food or a cash donation signed a paper can to be taped onto the little boy’s table. Filling the table represented the good that our donations will do in feeding the hungry of our community. Our goal was one item per student. We are happy to say that we far surpassed that goal!

The Upper School devised a competition to inspire more donations. Students earned a badge to wear when they brought in their one item, and they received colored paper clips to attach to the badge for each additional item. Some students were adorned with dozens of paper clips. Lists with the names of students wearing the “Most Bling” were updated daily. Through the enthusiasm of the students, the Upper School surpassed their goal by 500%. We are grateful for the generosity of the entire school and staff population. We are pleased that the underserved residents in our own community will benefit from this drive.

Ellen Ivory

Director of Development & Discipleship, Ss. Robert & William Parish; President of the Euclid Hunger Center

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Volume 7, Issue 4, Posted 6:02 PM, 04.06.2016