The Bluestone Elementary School Running Club

The Bluestone Running Club was an after school club developed by Leah Kasmenn for 5th-grade girls. The club met twice a week and each session began with a group run. It was followed by various physical activities, such as push-ups, ab work, and/or agility skill work. The Running Club session ended with some type of fun relay and/or game and a group snack. Team building, good sportsmanship, respect, and building relationships with one another were important skills that were integrated into the club.

Leah Kasmenn was joined by two other Bluestone teachers, Casey Feran and Alyssa Napolitano. Besides promoting physical activity, which is so important to do with our youth, Ms. Kasmenn impacted these young girls lives with her positive attitude and motivational words. Bluestone Elementary School is extremely lucky to have such a caring and hard working teacher!

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Volume 6, Issue 7, Posted 10:29 AM, 07.12.2015