Laparade, Inc. Raising the Village to Raise the Child

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Laparade Early Learning and Training Center has been an established corporation since August 2005. Our mission is to “lift as we climb” and provide authentic quality childcare services to parents and provide an appropriate and engaging learning environment to children, while also, providing the early care community with a place, a hub to come and develop their own teaching efficacy, which would   ensure our goal, which is that every child has a quality, educated early care provider, who is sensitive, teachable, authentic and responsive to their needs.

Laparade has three service components; one being a direct operated quality childcare center that services children 2 1/2 to 12 years of age. Laparade is one of only four star centers in the city of Euclid.  Secondly, Laparade is an early care training facility; the center provides early care educators the 120 formal hours of training needed to start the National Childcare credential journey, and we offer several Ohio Approved Professional Development Trainings for pre-service and in-service early care educators.  (ODE, ODJFS, and SUTQ)

Thirdly, Laparade is a lab school for persons who are seeking to change career fields and enter the field of early care education. These pre-service early care students need a quality center to complete their 480 hours of working directly with children and having a professional practitioner work side by side with these students, helping them with their career transition.

Laparade served as a grantee for two years for The Early Learning Initiative, through The Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Jobs and Family services collaboration. The agency had 5 centers under their leadership. Laparade’s staff has trained, mentored and advised over 500 early care educators in receiving their national credential, over the past 8 years. Our success rate has a 98% passage rate. Laparade has also been instrumental in helping several centers and or agencies in the early care field gain, train and retain quality early care educators, by providing quality on-going training, and placement.

Laparade’s senior role model trainer, Parris Rice-Sanders M.,S. ED has been in the field of early care education for over 35 years since her Euclid High School days , graduating vocational education  class of 1982,  under the leadership of  Home Economic Teachers ; Mrs. Patricia  Arko, and  Mrs. Aetna Anderson. Mrs. Sanders completed her undergrad student teaching at Roosevelt elementary in Euclid, Ohio. Mrs. Sanders has taught in higher education at Cuyahoga Community College, Early Childhood Department for over 10 years.

Laparade Early Learning Center, located at 25000 Euclid Avenue, Euclid Place Business Plaza is the best kept secret in Euclid, Ohio for families looking for quality, authentic early care education.  Laparade has recently received an early learning expansion grant to provide free preschool experiences to children ages 3-5 years of age. A new facility opens for out of school time care in the fall of 2014. Call (216) 731-8433 to schedule a tour of the facilities.

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I Parris Rice-Sanders, along time active member of the Euclid Community since my high school days at Euclid High School, class of 1982. I have lived and worked in Euclid most if not all of my adult life. I am now the owner and director of one of the most quality childcare centers in Euclid , Laparade Early Learning and Training Center a four star center out of 5 in the State of Ohio and an active youth leader among our children.

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Volume 6, Issue 3, Posted 8:00 PM, 03.06.2015